ARKA Glass Mehraz Company started its activities in designing and executing glass structures with uninterrupted efforts of its expert crew ,and keeping up with the latest technology knowledge, which led to the great success that created a great integration of beauty and technology. The anatomy and performance of the transparent elements which have been incorporated into the overall body of the building, making glass applications once again an innovative industry.
After a decade of continuous effort, the company is proud of employing a team of highly experienced designers and engineers to introducing new and efficient glass components in interior design and to take a new step towards the design of luxury spaces considering Economic aspects.
Arka Glass Mehraz Company among the best companies in the field of glass structures in Iran, using the latest technology of construction, to present the best result to our dear clients . Arka Glass’s professional team and high goals have always been a part of creating new and luxurious space for architects, and its executive service is an important step in the development of the glass industry.